Sacrament of Baptism

Water cleanses us, feeds us, and renews life. The Scripture tells us that adults and children have been washed in the waters of Christian baptism. In Baptism, God changes us and welcomes us into the Christian community – the beginning of life in Christ. Babies that are baptized are loved by God in the midst of the Christian community. Adults who are baptized shed a life focused on earthly drives and experience life centered on the love of Christ. The rite of Baptism reminds us of the absolute, unconditional love of God, who claims us as God’s own child. God is at work within us and through us as we become believers of the Christian faith through this Holy sacrament. We recite the Book of Common Prayer that resounds with the ethics of Christian life.

Our Baptismal Font stands proudly at the epicenter of our worship space. The Font represents a visible, tangible symbol as to the mystery of God and our commitment to a Christian life. Through the “Thanksgiving Over the Water,” we revisit the story of God’s faithfulness and power. Baptism is a family story of faith throughout all of time.

Christ Church in Short Hills celebrates Baptism as a community on selected Sunday worship services throughout the year. Our clergy regularly offers classes for parents and godparents of babies in preparation for Baptism. We also meet one-on-one with adults that would like to be baptized. We welcome you to contact one of our clergy or speak with the Parish Office for more information.

We invite you to watch this brief video from a baptism in our church.