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Welcome Message from our Wardens

We are One in Christ through prayer, baptism and the holy meal we share each week.

One in Christ instills respect for every person, welcomes every person and strives for justice for every person, because that is what we see in Jesus.

One in Christ appreciates other religions, other ways to God and other expressions of faith.

One in Christ determines how we define the words “neighbor” and “neighborhood.” Our neighbors are worldwide, from orphans at Good Shepard Home in Cameroon, to the mothers at Apostles’ House in Newark.

One in Christ connects us across the centuries. Our worship style, prayers and music are rooted in ancient traditions, but our sermons are about today’s news and what touches our lives now.

Here, we worship, pray, study, laugh and cry together in a special way that nourishes and motivates us to address the challenges of our age.

We pray you will encounter God in our midst. We hope you will want to make this your new church home. Together, we are One in Christ.

Joyfully yours,

The Wardens of Christ Church in Short Hills 

Benjamin Fay, Senior Warden

Sandra Johnson, Junior Warden