Gifting & Remembrances

Loved ones can be remembered in many ways and through many wishes. The glory of gifting embraces our foundation of living a life of faith and God’s eternal blessing. We welcome personal conversations as to how you wish to remember your family and loved ones through special dedication or desired remembrance. Please contact Rev. Tim Mulder directly to discuss your personal thoughts.


Individuals wishing to make a bequest to Christ Church in Short Hills should first notify the church clergy of their intention. 

Those wishing to restrict their bequest to a particular purpose are encouraged to allocate it to one or more of the permanent endowment funds:

  1.  The Christ Church Memorial Fund for Buildings & Grounds
  2.  The Christ Church Memorial Fund for Christian Education
  3.  The Christ Church Memorial Fund for Music
  4.  The Christ Church Memorial Fund for Outreach
  5.  The Christ Church Memorial Fund for Worship

Individuals and families that wish to contribute to the endowment without further restriction should specify that the bequest be placed in The Christ Church Memorial Permanent Endowment Fund.  Restricted bequests directed to the endowment funds specified above and unrestricted bequests do not need to be approved by the Vestry.

Restricted gifts for specific projects require the approval of the Vestry.  Restricted gifts will first be reviewed by the appropriate committee of the Vestry and, upon recommendation of that committee, considered by the full Vestry.

Memorial Garden Subscriptions

Interment in the Cooper Memorial Garden is available for $2,500.00.  The proceeds are placed in the endowment and credited to the Cooper Memorial Garden Fund.